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Our Approach

Welcome to Wind Wind Academy Solar Awareness Training in the heart of South Africa’s renewable energy revolution! At Wind Academy, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of skilled technicians and artisans who will play a pivotal role in harnessing the power of solar energy.

The demand for proficient solar technicians is greater than ever before. We help manage this process and help identify skilled solar technicians to equip them with the knowledge, hands-on experience, and certifications necessary to excel in this dynamic and sustainable industry.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery and transformation, learning to harness the limitless power of the sun while advancing your career prospects in the renewable energy sector.

Who is the Solar Awareness Training for?

Suited for IPP (Independent Power Producers) in Wind & Solar Development & Corporates who subscribe to sustainability principles.

Individuals who wish to equip themselves with the knowledge, hands-on experience, and certifications necessary to excel in the dynamic and sustainable industry.

Important: We ONLY take on appointments from IPPs and Corporates, not private students.

Course Introduction

Excite! Explore! Expand! Program

In the interest of presenting a holistic view of Wind Academy’s strategy, which strives to include a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience for students, we have conceptualised the Excite, Explore, and Expand trio of programmes:


  • Purpose: Identify students and generate enthusiasm and interest among them, sustaining their passion for the subject.
  • Implementation: Incorporate engaging and interactive elements into the training, maintaining a positive and stimulating environment.
  • Goal: Keep participants excited about learning, contributing to long-term commitment and success.


  • Purpose: Initiate continuous training and development for the existing group and new participants.
  • Implementation: Introduce ongoing learning opportunities beyond the core curriculum.
  • Goal: Foster a culture of exploration, encouraging students to delve deeper into the subject matter.


  • Purpose: Facilitate rapid growth and expansion, leveraging the knowledge and skills acquired by the students.
  • Implementation: Introduce advanced modules and real-world applications to propel students into more complex areas of the subject matter.
  • Goal: Catapult participants into opportunities for entrepreneurship or employment, ensuring the programme’s impact extends beyond the training period.

The concept is to keep training groups together, to understand the needs within the groups, and address those needs while growing their knowledge and exposure through continuous learning programmes.

Courses currently offered by Wind Academy:

Introduction to our 5-day Solar Excite PV Design and Install Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our 5-day Solar PV Design and Install Course, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of individuals, organizations, or small businesses seeking expertise in sizing, assessing, and installing solar PV systems. Tailored for candidates with minimal electrical knowledge aspiring to nurture a small business or contemplating a startup, this course blends theory with practical elements.

Presented in Cape Town and various locations countrywide (depending on availability and group sizes), the course offers a hands-on experience. Supplementing course materials with modules on business development and administration empowers candidates to confidently run and manage their enterprises.


No formal prerequisites are necessary; a passion for renewable energy and an inquisitive mind are all that’s required. The course, featuring straightforward calculations, opens pathways for candidates to be linked with electrical businesses.

Course Structure

Delivered in a face-to-face format, the course spans 5 days, incorporating approximately 200 slides divided into chapters, modules, topics, and essential concepts/principles. Practical modules encompass activities like testing module voltage, experimenting with shading effects, and performing assessments of short-circuit currents.

Course Goals

Upon completion, participants will possess a profound understanding of solar PV systems, distinguishing between quality equipment and identifying various technologies, storage options, and safety protocols. The course also imparts knowledge on system wiring, inverters, module technologies, safety measures, and offers tangible experiences through hands-on component exploration.

Additional Insights

As an added bonus, the course delves into business development strategies, offering guidance on advertising, securing work in the sector, gaining practical experience. While not included in the programme cost, a supplementary course on working at heights is recommended for enhanced skills

Interaction and Engagement

Promoting a dynamic learning environment, the course encourages continuous dialogue with Q&A sessions, fostering an interactive and engaging educational experience.

Timing and Duration

The Wind Academy Solar Excite course spans 5 days, featuring two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon. The cost does not cover lunch or accommodation, but students receive a comprehensive printed book with slides and ample space for note-taking. Courses are accessible throughout South Africa, ensuring widespread access to this transformative learning opportunity.

Success Stories

Changing Lives with Solar Awareness Training

Cape Town, January/February 2024.

Client: REISA – Renewable Energy Investments South Africa.
Changing Lives with SOlar Awareness Training.

The Excite(d) Students

Thank you very much for making this possible for me. I experienced many new things about electricity and the solar industry. A special thank you to Chantel from Wind Academy for your support.

MJ Landela Solar Excite Course

A special thank you to Wind Academy, the sponsor and to you Chantel for this unique opportunity. I still want to learn more about solar in the future and want to be a solar technician.

M Mothibedi Solar Excite Course
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