For The Renewable Energy Industry

Problems Facing IPPs

Sourcing long-term SED/ED incentives

REIPPPP renewable projects entail long-term contractual commitments. Matching these is difficult.

Community alignment incentives

Building trust and establishing meaningful relationships is challenging.

Compliance with SED/ED parameters

Monitoring and reporting requires additional IPP resources.

Why Work With Us?

Our Solution

Digital Interventions

Wind Academy Tablet

What does the programme include?

  1. Mobile Apple iPad lab
  2. Teacher training and mentoring
  3. Inclusion for all learners 
  4. Sustainability & Renewable Energy education 
  5. Integrating Green Economy goals
  6. Continuous monitoring and evaluation
  7. Optional: Wind Academy Future Skills Teacher Development Programme

What are the Sustainability & Renewable Education Programmes?

1 – Young Green Ambassador Programme 

Early Childhood Education is our first journey in teaching learners the concepts of electricity, light, heat/cooling and the sun. Learners develop an initial understanding of what energy is and where it comes from, and about the importance of energy conservation and safety.

The Young Green Ambassador Programme, sets the foundation for impact through education. An integrated technology led, tiered approach to empowering our youth to succeed in a green and digital economy. 

2 – Numeracy and Literacy Programme 

Teaches core maths concepts and supports the CAPS curriculum to ensure global standards within the local context. 

3 – Optional: Wind Academy Future Skills Teacher Development Programme

An innovative teacher development pilot programme. This learning experience is aimed at creating access for dedicated and committed teaching staff to a new learning experience; one that will allow them to level up and succeed in the digital economy, both professionally and personally.

Quiz for learners

Educational Content

Local characters and stories

Identify energy principles

Engaging animation

Easy to learn

Other Solutions

Solar Awareness Training

Welcome to Wind Academy’s Solar Awareness Training in the heart of South Africa’s renewable energy revolution! At Wind Academy, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of skilled technicians and artisans who will play a pivotal role in harnessing the power of solar energy.

The demand for proficient solar technicians is greater than ever before. We help manage this process and help identify skilled solar technicians to equip them with the knowledge, hands-on experience, and certifications necessary to excel in this dynamic and sustainable industry.

Who is the Solar Awareness Training for?

Please Note: We ONLY take on appointments from IPPs and Corporates, not private students

Students on the Solar Awareness course in February 2024

What Our Students Say

Thank you very much for making this possible for me. I experienced many new things about electricity and the solar industry. A special thank you to Chantel from Wind Academy for your support.

MJ Landela Solar Excite Course

A special thank you to Wind Academy, the sponsor and to you Chantel for this unique opportunity. I still want to learn more about solar in the future and want to be a solar technician.

M Mothibedi Solar Excite Course

Changing lives in Cape Town, January/February 2024.


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